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Signage package

The digital signage is a communication and marketing tool that allows to diffuse information, in the form of multimedia content, on a screen in public areas, screen wall, or by video projection.

Screens allow the consumers to get additional information when purchasing a product or service.

This type of diffusion is particularly adapted for the advertising on the selling location, and for the information of people where they wait or pass through. This computer assisted signage can thus be used in bakeries, cafés, bars, and restaurants; but also, in hotels, lobbies, shop, malls, and gas stations...

Why a signage package ?

Centralized screen management

Quick, efficient, and dynamic updates of your content thanks to the remote control of your supports though an intuitive software

Various content

Large diffusion possibilities.  A billboard can only contain a single poster where a signage screen can diffuse several contents such as videos or pictures scrolling.


Attractive support, screens can show slides or videos and, in this case, animated content get more attention than simple posters.

Diffusing planning

Time saving: the remote control is a significant betterment in order to optimize your reaction time.


Médias-Com’S offer you an accompaniment step by step in this new digital display era. Moreover, we offer you a personalized and tailor-made advice according to your needs, your expectations but mostly your marketing goals.

We look forward to answer all your questions and requests. Contact us! A specialized advisor will move to your place in order evaluate your expectations at best, and that without any commitment from you.

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